Non-Collateral Personal Loans: Complete Information

What is non- collateral loans?

Non-collateral loans, popularly known as personal loans are kind of loans against which you don’t have to pledge any physical security. Although one need to have a good credit score with a continuous source of income to get this kind of loans. Also, the loan rates for these kind of loans are high since there is more risk involved. The loan amount starts from Php 10,000 to as much as Php 200,000 depending on person’s credit score.

Benefits of non-collateral loans.

The benefits associated with this kind of loans are: –

  • Easy to apply as you do not need to pledge any physical security against this kind of loans.
  • Usually one get immediate funding based on his credit score.
  • These loans get faster approval based on documents submitted at the time of applying for the loan.
  • Very useful for short term funding needs.

Types of non-collateral loans

The most common types of non-collateral loans available in the market are listed below.

  • Student loan – Given to students to support their education needs including tuition fees and stationary.
  • Cash Loan – This kind of loan is available for advance cash needs like family vacation, utility bills etc. These are easy to apply and do not require much background check. Only the borrower must have a continuous source of income.
  • Emergency Loan – This kind of loans target people who have been struck by any kind of financial crunch and is need of immediate financial needs like monthly bills.
  • Maternity Loan – This covers all the pregnant ladies. The loan amount usually depends on the basic pay of the pregnant lady.
  • Calamity Loan – This covers the people who have been struck by any natural calamity and require funds to re-establish themselves.

Options available for non-collateral loans in Philippines.

Although there are options available for loan for OFW with collateral however most of the OFW don’t own a property and can avail good amount of non-collateral loans in Philippines. The various options available for non-collateral loans in Philippines are listed below: –

  • BPI or Bank of the Philippine Islands – There interest rates vary with the tenure chosen by the borrower to repay the loan. Higher the tenure, higher will be the interest rates.
  • BDO – This is one of the largest banks in Philippines offering various options under non-collateral loans.
  • Standard Chartered – This bank offers non-collateral loans for a period varying from 12 to 48 months.
  • East West Bank – This is another bank offering non-collateral loans to Filipinos.
  • RCBC – This bank offer non-collateral loans at fixed rates which do not vary with the tenure of the loan. Usually the rate payable is around 16% which can be changed based on change in bank’s policies.

The customer opting for non-collateral loans must seek such loans intelligently as they come at higher rate of interest and usually have shorter period for re-payment.

Types of Car Insurance in South Africa and their benefits

Car insurance is essential before you take out your car on road to cover the damage that you may cause to third party property and life. There are various financial institutes in South Africa providing car insurance. Let’s see what all kinds of insurance are available in the market and how they would suite your needs.

Essential Car Insurance –

This is a kind of insurance which just covers third party property and life in case you meet with an accident and covers your car against theft. This kind of insurance is low on budget and good when you don’t want to invest much into your car insurance. You should go for essential insurance when your car’s cost is less than R100,000, or its older than five years and not financed.

Comprehensive Car Insurance –

This kind of insurance covers almost everything on your car. Fast processing and easy payouts are some of the features of a comprehensive car insurance. Plus, if you do not make any claim in period of twelve months, you get discount while renewing your car insurance in next year. This insurance covers any kind of harm or damage done to your car which may include theft, hijacking, fire and liability claims. This kind of insurance also covers accidental, flood, hail and intentional damages caused by someone else.

Car Insurance for Women –

Many car insurance companies in South Africa offer special premium rates for comprehensive car insurance for women car owners. You enjoy same or extra benefits for same premium amount. These insurance covers you for essential liabilities, third party fire, third party vehicle, third party life with any damage done to your car.

Benefits of getting insured –

Car insurance is typical in nature as it covers not only damage to your car and life but it also covers the interest of other people and vehicle on the road. In case you meet with an accident then your car insurance covers the damage done to life and property of any third party. It’s illegal to take your car out on road without a car insurance as the person driving the car may not be capable enough to pay off the loss of third party damage by himself.

  • A car insurance covers the survivors in case the accident results in death.
  • It covers the bills of vehicle repairs for the damage done to the cars due to accident.
  • A comprehensive insurance will also cover he damage due to natural calamities like terrorist attacks, theft, riots, earthquake, cyclone, hurricane etc.
  • You get a no claim bonus when you pay regular premiums all through the year and do not claim any amount in that period.
  • You may get additional discounts in your premium in case of theft of your car or when you get more than one car insured by same insurance company. Depending on the insurance company you go for , having multiple cars insured can reap you many additional benefits including people that are driving your car with your permission.

6 Benefits of Insurance in Business Risk Management in South Africa

Business Insurances have been the most common tool to manage business risks. This way most of the businesses transfer the risk of loss towards the insurance company by paying a small percentage of the risk covered as a premium. This generally includes various aspects of risks involved in running a business. Some of the most prominent ones are legal risks, physical risks, financial risks, intellectual property risks, economic risks, inherent risks, credit risks, and market related risks.

Some of the common benefits of insurance while managing your business in South Africa are listed below –

Minimize and Prevent Financial Loses

There are various components in a company which are essential for its functioning and when they breakdown in middle of operations can cause huge losses for the company and its customers. You can rest assure for covering these kinds of loses and cost of repairing of your equipment for your business in South Africa with a simple business interruption insurance policy.

Business Insurances promotes business continuity

During certain calamities, the business might get struck with huge financial loses which may not allow them to keep up their business running. A business insurance helps you keep your business operation ongoing in South Africa without worrying about any calamity or incidence that may impact your budget to run it.

Risk Sharing

Most of the business work with insurance companies in risk sharing model. Under this model, you share the loses your company might incur with insurance company in South Africa. This ensures that if any market condition impacts the profit of your business then the insurance company would cover part of it for a small amount of monthly premium that you would pay to them.

Protect your business against debtors

Sometimes the business might be at risk because of its debtors who might be blocking the money which can be utilized in other streams of business. Many insurance companies in South Africa cover you against such risks imposed by your debtors. They ensure proper flow of money for your business even when your money is blocked by your debtors.

Insurance of Business Resources

Business is not just about equipment and resources but it is also about the people who are required to run. It’s the responsibility of a business owner to ensure the wellbeing of his resources. Most of the Insurance companies in South Africa offer lucrative and comprehensive insurance to cover your employees for their health and other well-being. This way you carry out your responsibility towards your employees without being over burdened by paying off for their medical expenses.

Provides assurance to business stakeholders

When a company or business is insured, it’s give assurance and boost to the stakeholders that whatever may happen, the company and covered and will be able to overcome any business-related risk without much hurdles. Many insurance companies in South Africa are capable of providing you all kind of insurances to ensure a piece of mind while you run your business.

You can very easily transfer your legal risks, physical risks, financial risks, intellectual property risks, economic risks, inherent risks, credit risks, and market related risks towards your insurance company by paying out a small premium amount.

How do Mutual Funds Help You Save Tax?

Its again that time of the year when you need to make the necessary savings to save tax. Often people make wrong or not so beneficial decisions on their investments. On the other hand, Mutual Funds although are subject to market risk, still gives you maximum returns for most of the times. And yes, now you can invest into mutual funds to get that tax saving as well.

What kind of mutual funds help in tax saving?

ELSS or Equity linked saving schemes are your option under tax saving mutual funds. You may invest maximum amount of one lakh fifty thousand on them and save around forty-six thousand rupees paid as taxes. This fund suffices you tax saving option under section 80C. Also, this funds have locking period of just three years which is less than most of the government saving plans and debentures.

Who can invest into ELSS?

An individual or a HUF can invest into ELSS mutual funds. Mostly this is also restricted only for citizens of India and NRIs who have USA or Canadian citizenship are not allowed to invest into any such fund. However, NRIs living in other countries can invest into ELSS. You need to read the offer document to know more about it.

Benefits of investing into ELSS mutual funds.

Here are few factors which make ELSS a better investment than other options available in market.

  • Since the fund invest mostly into market equities, hence potentially have maximum gains in shorter period. Thus, it provides an edge over other kind of tax saving schemes which are mostly deployed as government or banks see them fit and have low risk factor.
  • This fund has comparatively lowest locking period, which is just three years. When compared to other tax saving options like NPS locked until your retirement, and PPF locked for straight fifteen years, this option provides you earlier liquidity option.
  • The ELSS funds come with double tax saving option. One they help you save on tax amount and second it also helps in saving any interest or income earned on them as dividend. This is because all the capital gains on an ELSS is tax free.
  • Investment amount on ELSS can be as low as five hundred rupees a month and can be automated in form of monthly SIPs. There is no higher limit to the amount of investment.
  • Gives you various options to choose from the sector or a group of mutual funds which come under ELSS. Hence you have an investment choice as per your market insight. You are not limited by one form of scheme for your investment.

Investment Options under ELSS

The ELSS comes with two investment options, growth linked and dividend linked. In growth linked you get the lumpsum amount at the end of investment period. However, dividend link pays you the dividend as and when offered under the scheme. In both the option, you do not have to pay any taxes further. Also, if you opt to re-invest your dividend, then it would be considered as fresh investment and you can opt to get a tax rebate on this amount.

Risk Factor associated with ELSS

Only downside of investment into ELSS are they are subject to market risk. Although, the trend shows that they have never dipped in last thirty year and have always provided positive return to its investors, still you can be always sure about how the market shall turn next moment.

This kind of investment is usually for people who can afford moderate to high risk.

The XYZ Ltd have brought a new online platform which helps you choose from all the market options to invest into mutual funds. This also includes tax saving mutual fund schemes. The platform is free to use and do not charge you any amount to use. Also, it provides you access to market intelligence and market experts who can optimize your investments.

Mutual Funds Investment Sahi Hai !

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Winning Online Competitions Made Easy

One of the most exciting thing over the internet these days are different online competitions that have become increasingly popular over the last few years.

More and more people are now taking part in these competitions making them a huge success worldwide. These competitions are now not only limited to different competition holding website but many social media websites are also holding different types of polls and competitions.

One of the thing that makes these competitions more exciting is the amazing prizes that the organizers announce for winners.

These prizes can range from free merchandises to international air tickets depending on the scope of the competition you are participating in. as the number of people taking part in these competitions is rising exponentially it has become extremely difficult for normal people to win these competitions.

If you don’t have a lot of friends and family you won’t be able to get enough votes to win any competition online. But if you are someone who loves participating in these competitions and wants to win the exciting prizes that these competitions than you have arrived at the right place. We will share with you a secret that will allow you to win any competition that you take part in.

How to win easily:

One of the best ways to win any online competition is tobuy votes for the online contest. This method is not only very affordable and reliable it is now the only way by which you can guarantee your win in the competition.

You no longer have to beg your friends and family to votes for you in any online competition when you can easily just buy votes for the online contest. The whole process of purchasing votes from any online agency such as is extremely simple and easy to understand.

All you need to do is to estimate the number of votes that you would need to win the competition the time at which the voting for the competition would and the type of votes required.

After finding these out you will go to a reliable service provider such as and choose a package according to your need. Just send the link to the competition to the service provider along with your preference and after the payment, you will start getting votes on your choice.

Importance of privacy:

One of the things that you should be aware of when you buy votes for online contest is your privacy. You should not share any of your personal information with the service provider. As someone with years of experience in the field of online voting, we assure you that no such information is required for the process.

This is why it is important for you to select a reliable service provider such as because they will never ask you to share any of the personal information. If some service provider is asking you to share personal information such as your username or password you should cancel your order immediately.

5 Common Dental Problems & Diseases

All of us have had our share of dental problems at least once in our lives. Or we know someone who has suffered from dental problems in their life. Dental problems are a rather common occurrence nowadays. There is an increase in the number of people suffering from dental problems in the world solely because of oral hygiene and poor diet.

But the good news is that most of these dental problems can easily be avoided. How so? — by maintaining good oral hygiene and keeping a watch over our diets, we can easily avoid these dental problems.

Why dental care is important?

You don’t need to go the extra mile to take care of your teeth, gums and mouth. Simple and basic dental hygiene is sufficient to prevent bad breath, tooth decay and common gum diseases, and keep your teeth healthy.

With researchers discovering new ways to brush and floss everyday, it is becoming easier to keep your mouth healthy. It is very important to ensure that your gums are healthy, because that can increase your risk of serious health problems such as oral cancer, strokes, poorly controlled diabetes and preterm labor.

5 common dental problems & diseases

  1. Tooth decay: Tooth decay or cavities are formed when plaque in your mouth reacts with the starch or sugar to form acids that attack the tooth enamel. Worrying that it may look, there are many simple ways to combat tooth decay or cavities. If you just brush your teeth twice a day after your meals, it should suffice. To ensure that tooth decay is not formed at all, you must use a dental floss and mouthwash. Avoiding consumption of sugary foods can help prevent tooth decay to a great extent.
  2. Bad breath: Another common dental issue is the bad breath, or halitosis. There could be many underlying causes of bad breath like cavities, gum diseases, tongue bacteria, dry mouth and oral cancer. Instead of trying to treat it all by yourself, it is always advisable to go consult a good dentist if you suffer from major dental problems such as halitosis as it could be a symptom for some other underlying health issues.
  3. Mouth sores: Mouth sores is another major dental problems in the US as well as across the world. Some types of mouth sores can be really troublesome, tricky and painful. The good news is that most of these mouth sores disappear on their own due to the inert healing abilities of the saliva, and heal within two to three weeks.
  4. Gum diseases: Most people, due to negligence of their oral health end up with periodontal disease, otherwise known as gum disease. These gum diseases usually affect the gums that surround the teeth and this has turned to be the main cause in the tooth loss in adults. With regular brushing and flossing, it is possible to prevent such types of oral diseases and cavities.
  5. Tooth sensitivity: Tooth sensitivity is a dental issue that exhibits symptoms of pain and discomfort when the tooth is exposed to cold drinks, cold food items, hot drinks, hot food or sweets, etc. Tooth sensitivity can easily be treated effectively and dentists offer remedies to according to the sensitivity.

Precautions that can be taken

Dental problems can happen with anybody, even with patients with excellent dental care routines. Hence it is crucial to spot the symptoms of underlying dental conditions and understand how to resolve them. Although the dentist will be able to fix your teeth in an emergency and plug your tooth cavities with fillings, the overall responsibility if your oral health lies is solely yours. Learning to identify signs of serious dental problems is important so that you know when and how to respond to them so that they can be tackled efficiently before it becomes too late.

It is pretty simple to maintain your oral health – all they need is a little love and care. It means brushing and flossing your teeth regularly, preferably twice a day. It means visiting your dentist regularly at your local clinic like California Shine Dental.

It is best Dental Clinic In San Jose. And it also means watching your regular diet, so that plaque doesn’t get the better of your teeth. Try to, at all costs, avoid consuming excessive sugary snacks, drinks and breakfast cereals.

Types Of Insurance Policies In India


Hello Friends, today I will share my views on Types of Insurance policies we have in our country, & I am sure you will certainly get to learn more on this topic & will share your views & reviews.

Friends as we all know, Insurance is an arrangement in which you pay money to a company, and they pay money to you if something unpleasant happens to you.

In simple words, Insurance is a means of protection from financial loss. An entity which provides insurance is called the insurer and on other hands, who buys insurance is known as Insurance holder/ Insured.

Types Of Insurance

Now come to the point, there are two types of Insurance i.e., Life Insurance & General Insurance. Apart from Private Insurance Companies the only Government company that covers Life Insurance is LIC of India

Life Insurance is a contract between an insurance policy holder & an insurer or assurer, where the insurer promises to pay a designated beneficiary a sum of money in exchange for a premium, upon the death of an insured person. This is of 2 types, i.e.; Endowment Policy & Term Insurance Policy.

Life Insurance is a form of insurance in which a person makes regular payments to an insurance company, in return for a sum of money to be paid to them after a period of time, or to their family if they die.

However, in this article, I will be talking about General Insurance, especially Marine Cargo Insurance.

General Insurance Policy includes Motor Insurance, Fire Insurance, House Insurance, Building Insurance, Shop Insurance, Factory Insurance, Health Insurance, Household Items insurance, Warehouse Insurance, Forex Insurance, Marine Cargo Insurance.

All the general insurance policies are valid for one year only & can be renewed before or on the due date; before the current policy expires. Different General Insurance policies cover different risks as per terms & conditions/clauses mentioned in the Insurance Policy Documents.

As already told that I will be discussing especially Marine Cargo Policy, therefore, I must tell you that this policy is also called House Hold Shifting Insurance Policy & this is of 2 types:

  • Transit Insurance Policy (Clause B): Generally speaking, Transit Insurance policy only covers Fire & Accidental Risk, i.e.; if the goods are damaged due to Fire/accident takes place to the vehicle carrying the goods (household goods), in that case only the Insurance Claim will be entertained.
  • All Risk Policy (Clause A): In addition to the risk mentioned in the Transit Insurance, this also covers any kind of damage to the good/goods right from Loading until Unloading.

Both the above-mentioned insurances are valid from the date of Insurance till the date of Voyage (i.e. till the material is delivered).

Hereby, it must be confirmed that different Insurance companies have different risk/s covered under these policies, however; majorly the risks mentioned are covered, still, the customers are advised to go through the policy documents carefully.

Friends, I must confirm that as this a blog I have written & not a book (hahaha) therefore, in case you want to know about any other kind of Insurance/s in detail, please do write to me (in comments), it will always be a great honor to write for you all.

Are Golf Balls The Most Expensive Golf Accessories Of All?

Golf Balls
A golfer is always faced with a constant barrage of things that he can possibly spend his money on. These things range from the necessary things like golf clubs to completely unnecessary things like trophy cases for hole-in-one balls. It would seem that a golfer’s money could constantly be thrown away on the many things that are available for purchase. However, one of the most expensive things that a golfer has to spend money on is not what you would expect. Golf balls are perhaps the most irritating thing that a golfer buys. He seems to buy them over and over, as they disappear into bushes, lakes, or sand traps. Rates for golf balls can seem fairly ridiculous too, with some selling for over $25 for a pack of 12. If you want to save money on golf balls or even get them for free, read on for a few tips on how you can do just this.
While you are in the middle of a golf game, there are usually many opportunities to find golf balls that have been left behind by golfers before you. It isn’t a good idea to constantly interrupt your game in search of golf balls, but if you happen to walk right by a cluster of bushes or a small water hazard, you might as well take a moment to look for golf balls that have been left behind. If you don’t mind getting your arm wet, usually you can find multiple balls just by reaching into a water pool. Bushes and other similar obstructions are also good places to look. Other golfers may find you strange when you are rooting around for golf balls, but it is definitely worth it in the end when you don’t need to pay insane amounts of golf balls every week. All you have to do is shove them into a bag you carry with you, then wash them off as soon as you get home for golf balls that are like new.
You can also buy used golf balls from many different sources, including sporting goods stores in your local area. These are sold at a huge discount off of the original price, and you can usually not even tell that they have been used thanks to the cleaning processes. Usually, they are not sold in matching brands or colours, so if uniformity is your thing you may be disappointed. Unless you are more than just a casual golfer, used or second-hand balls will probably work just fine. It takes a very trained hand to be able to tell the difference between a new ball and a used ball, or between an expensive ball and a cheap ball. The spin and the hardness of the balls are usually varying, but probably not enough for you to notice. Try two contrasting balls in a row and see if you notice anything and if not then you can be happy that you are able to stick with the cheaper balls.
It may not seem like much of a money saver to get all of your golf balls for free or for a discounted rate, but the money you save will sure add up. Whether it’s just a few dollars a week or whether you notice a significantly large saving, it’s still money in your pocket that wouldn’t have been there otherwise. Therefore, you should remember the golf ball savings techniques that have been discussed so far: first of all, you should always take whatever chance you get to search for golf balls that have been left behind by previous golfers in areas that they are likely to have lost them. Secondly, buy used golf balls from sporting good stores in order to save money. If you follow these two guidelines, you are sure to experience the benefits of being free from paying full price for golf balls.


Thank You.

Where To Find Golf Accessories?

Golf is a sport that features a huge amount of accessories. From organizational tools to fun little novelty toys, a golfer can spend hundreds of dollars on the various items. Finding a specific golf accessory, however, maybe a little more difficult. If you have something specific in mind that you would like to look for, then there are several different places where you should look before giving up your search. You are almost guaranteed to find what you are looking for in at least one of these places. Also, by checking out several different sources you may be able to find some nice variety and choose something handier than what you had envisioned.
The first place you should check is your local golf store. This is the most obvious choice and will allow you the easiest location of golf accessories. Brick and mortar stores seem to almost be losing in the face of online shopping, and if you avoid them you may miss out on something great. If you don’t know where the best golf store is in your area, you should inquire at the golf course that you frequent the most. They are likely to have needed some sort of accessories as well at some point and will know exactly where to go in order to get them. Once you find out where the best store is, don’t hesitate to head in and look at white kind of inventory they have.
The next greatest source of golfing accessories is the internet. There are thousands of websites that will sell you golf accessories, but it can often be a pain to track down reliable websites. The internet’s inventory may be infinitely larger than that if your local golf store, but you will have to face some inconveniences that you wouldn’t have to otherwise. These include finding a good store that you can rely on not to scam you, finding the product that you want based only on pictures and text, and paying to ship for your item then waiting for it to arrive. However, once you grow accustomed to internet shopping you will probably find that in general, the prices are cheaper.
If you are on the internet and can’t find any good e-commerce sites to buy from, you can look in other alternative shopping areas that may allow you to find what you really need. These include eBay, the ultimate place to buy the most obscure things. You can also look on classifieds sites such as Craigslist, which allow you to not only search listings but also create your own in order to track people down who may be able to give you what you need. Both of these sites are very extensive and have millions and millions of users. Out of such a huge base, you are almost guaranteed to find what you need.
The final and perhaps the greatest source of golf accessories is all around you. It is your fellow golfers. Whether you simply ask to buy the item right off of them or attend a yard sale of an avid golfer, you are more than likely to encounter dozens of items that will come in quite handy during your future golfing escapades. Usually, the more seasoned golfers will have gone through quite a few accessories, so if you can catch the older ones before they go to the garbage then you will be able to enjoy it all over again. Just remember though that you shouldn’t be picky if this is your method of finding golf accessories. Take whatever you can find, especially since you are saving money.
Golf accessories are all over the place. For regular accessories, you will have no problem quickly finding someone to buy from. But once you get into the more obscure or rarer items, you may have to expand your search area to include some of the less well-known venues. As long as the item improves your game, it will be worth it.


Thank You.

7 essential money moves for new parents

Being a parent is always a tough job. You always want best for your children. Planning the secure future of the children is much more important than family planning.
The brought up of the children is very important. But you can only provide best nourishment and facilities if you are financially stable.
Having a good money plan can be really helpful in having a successful family. Nowadays inflation is increasing day by day. Children have their basic needs.
And it is the right of the parents to provide them with the best. So, if you want to see your children happy you should start saving from an early age.
This is mainly for new parents whose children are infants. Thinking about their future is your foremost duty. Following main actions can help out in money saving if you have newly become a parent.
Save Money
Plan a monthly budget
After planning a family plan a budget. If it is monthly it safer. Try keeping the expenses in order. This will surely help get the money together. Moreover, you can have monthly savings too. Divide the needs and expenses monthly. Take the basic goods on the top of the list.
Start monthly savings
This is the best part. Don’t try to save on large scale. Try saving a bit every month. This will become a handsome amount at the end of the year. This will help you tackle any emergency expense. Moreover, you will get to use money more safely.
Try to cut short expenses 
Don’t increase your needs. Try to live in less. This is the basic part of learning. Make yourself adapted to less expenditure. Make sure that you cut short your expenses as much as possible.
Save money for emergency
Try to save some amount of money for any emergency on monthly basis. These emergencies can include any business loss or uninvited illness. There must be a space for such expenditures.
Avoid debts
Avoid as many debts as you can. This can surely destroy your savings. If you have taken a loan try to return it as soon as possible. When you are having a baby make sure you don’t have debts to pay. Minimize your needs in order to eradicate the debt. Paying off all the debts should be your priority. It can be a role model for your children too.
Save for your children’s education
Education is the prime need of every child. When your children are school going start saving for their high school and college. If you want your children to get the best education you have to plan it that way. When they are having the primary education you should have a backup for higher studies. This is the right time to save for them.
Invest in life insurance policies

This is the main trend nowadays. It has now become a basic need. Try investing your savings in a secure life insurance policy. The policy can be health insurance too. This will help you save money for long term.

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